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U.S. Constitution, Federal Laws,
Regulations & Administrative Links:
U.S. Constitution (in English)
U.S. Constitution (in Spanish)
U.S. Code (USC)
    – Popular Names Table
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
U.S. eCode of Federal Regulations (eCFR)
U.S. Federal Contract Disputes Act of 1978
U.S. Alien Tort Claims Act
U.S. Copyright Office
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

U.S. State Laws:
Alabama Code
Alaska Statutes
Arizona Revised Statutes
Arkansas Statutes
California Codes
Colorado Revised Statutes
Connecticut General Statutes
Delaware Code
District of Columbia Code
Florida Statutes
Georgia Code
Hawaii Revised Satutes
Idaho Stautes
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Indiana Code
Iowa Code
Kansas Statutes
Kentucky Revised Statutes
Louisiana Codes
Maine Revised Statutes

U.S. State Laws (continued):
Maryland Code
Massachusetts General Laws
Michigan Compiled Laws
Minnesota Statutes
Mississippi Code
Missouri Revised Statutes
Montana Code Annotated
Nebraska Revised Statutes
Nevada Revised Statutes
New Hampshire Revised Statutes
New Jersey Permanent Statutes
New Mexico Statutes
New York Consolidated Laws
North Carolina General Statutes
North Dakota Century Code
Ohio Revised Code
Oklahoma Statutes
Oregon Revised Statutes
Pennsylvania Statutes
Puerto Rico Laws (in English)
Puerto Rico Leyes (en Español)
Rhode Island General Laws
South Carolina Code of Laws
South Dakota Codified Laws
Tennessee Code
Texas Statutes
Utah Code
Vermont Statutes
Virginia Code
Washington Revised Code
West Virginia Code
Wisconsin Statutes
Wyoming Statutes
World Codes, Constitutions & Treaties:
World Constitutions - Database (in English)
Belgium – 1994 Constitution (in French)
Brazil – 1988 Constitution (in Portuguese)
Canada – 1867-1982 Constitutional Laws (in French)
Catalonia – 1981 Statute of Autonomy (in Catalan)
Catalonia – Civil Code (in Catalan)
Chile – Civil Code (in Spanish)
England – 1215 Magna Carta
France – 1958 Constitution (in French)
France – Civil Code (in French)
France – Civil Code (in English)
France – Additional Codes (in English)
Germany – Civil Code (in German)
Germany – Civil & Criminal Codes (in English)
Italy – 2001 Constitution (in Italian)
Mexico – 1917 Constitution (in Spanish)
Netherlands – Civil Code (in Dutch)
Romania, 1991 Constitution (in Romanian, English,       French, German & Spanish)
Romania – 1865 Civil Code (in Romanian)
Russia – 1993 Constitution (in Russian, English,
      French & German)
Spain – 1978 Constitution (in Spanish)
Spain – Civil Code (in Spanish)
United Nations Treaty Collection (in Englsh & French)
United States – 1787 Constitution (in French)
United States – Constitution (in Spanish)
Venezuela – Civil & Commercial Codes (Spanish)

Electronic Law Libraries:
U.S. Library of Congress
Cornell University Law School
Franklin Pierce Law Center: "Reading Legal Citations"

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