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Admitted to practice:
  New York
  U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of
       Federal Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio
  U.S. Court of Federal
       Claims in Washington, D.C

Fluent Spanish, French & Catalan
       Reading knowledge in Romanian





With more than 25 years of national and international experience practicing contracts law and civil litigation, David Bransdorfer provides quality, personalized representation. His experience includes work on international transactions in Spain, with both a law firm in Madrid and a multinational corporation in Barcelona. He has litigated contract disputes throughout the U.S. Internationally, he has arbitrated in Switzerland in French, and in Chile in Spanish. He also worked as in-house counsel and on-site lawyer for the construction manager on a luxury high rise building in Barcelona's Olympic Village while it was under construction.

As plaintiff's counsel, Mr. Bransdorfer has successfully litigated complex breach of contract cases against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and against one of the big Japanese auto manufacturers. As defense counsel, he has successfully represented landlords and tenants, both big and small. He has also worked as in-house litigation consultant to one of the world's largest carpet and fiber manufacturers, and he has helped homeowners and small businesses to vindicate their rights against insurance and surety companies.

Mr. Bransdorfer received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University, with a major in French. He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis, where he was a law review editor and an intern in the Marion County, Indiana Prosecutor's office.

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